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Call a local number and send a voice email for FREE

• Available from mobiles and landlines

• No need for an email enabled phone

• Send emails on the go from your phone

• No typing on an awkward keypad

• Easier and faster than sending a text

• to download or install

• No connection or service charges

• Just call a local number to send


Record literally anything on your phone and have it sent to an email address.

Send greetings, notes, reminders, record meetings, interviews or messages for special occasions.

You can send a V-Mail to an individual contact's email address or you can create a group of contacts.

When you record your V-Mail it will be emailed to everyone's email address in your group.

Your message is sent as an MP3 in an email to your contact's email address.

ConnectMeAnywhere do not take any credit from your account to send a voice email.

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