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●  What is an RSS FEED?

RSS stands for "really simple syndication" or "rich site summary".

As the name implies, it's an easy way to stay up-to-date with what's happening on a Web site.

The "feed" is a list of headlines, news updates or brief excepts from new content.

●  What is Call-A-Feed?

To access RSS Feeds on your computer you need to download a news reader and viewer.

With ConnectMeAnywhere you call One local Number to listen to your feeds.

Your feeds will be read out to you over the phone.


●  Why use ConnectMeAnywhere's Call-A-Feed?

With ConnectMeAnywhere you phone one local number to listen to the feed.

Nothing to download or install, no need to be at your computer. Works from any phone.

●  Listen to Feeds

You can listen to feeds without the need to register for an account.  View available feeds

Or you can create a ConnectMeAnywhere account which allows you to add any feeds you like.

Add feeds for your local weather, traffic, favourite news site, sports team and more.

The Low-Down:

●  Available from mobiles & landlines

●  FREE service from ConnectMeAnywhere

●  Listen to web news & updates

●  Call ONE local NUMBER to connect

●  No need to be at your computer

●  Nothing to download or install


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